Fusion Dinners

Flavors of Coexistence firmly believes that cross-cultural experiences start at the dinner table. Our thoughtfully designed fusion dinners are meant to expand your culinary thinking by fusing the best of two culinary worlds. Think Peruvian and Chinese, Venezuelan and Indian, or Lebanese and Spanish foods making magic together. No matter the feature, rest assure that we're putting authentic flavor, community and experience first. 

Interfaith Dinners

Committed to bridge-building, our interfaith dinners provide people of different backgrounds the opportunity to gather in a welcoming and judgement-free space. Carefully curated, our menu honors the historical coexistence of Abrahamic religions and actively seeks to disrupt Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism through food storytelling and human connection.

Routes Dinners

Flavors of Coexistence celebrates immigrants and recognizes their contribution to society. Designed to please the palate, our Routes dinners explore human migration, identity, and national culinary history through a multi-course tasting menu.